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Each prevented lost-time work injury saves $37,000. Over 60% of CFOs reported that each $1 invested in preventing work injuries returned $2 or more. 40% said productivity was the greatest benefit (National Safety Council: Journey to Safety Excellence). The average work injury requiring missed work is 8 days (US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016). Pain Talks can help!

Liz Navarrete, MS, PT, is a Physical Therapist and Ergonomics Consultant out of Blythewood, SC. She has been a Physical Therapist since 2006, but in January 2018 she starting consulting services for injury prevention. It all began with an invitation to speak at a safety conference for construction workers, which revealed her passion for training individuals and companies in how to stop injuries before they start.

Liz’s passion for injury prevention started long before 2018. In 2011, Liz began writing and blogging about pain prevention on her first blog, Think Like a PT, with the intent of creating valuable content about injuries, weight loss, and health/wellness topics. Her blog includes over 200 of Liz’s original posts.

If your company is experiencing excessive work injuries, you are the perfect candidate for Pain Talks. If you are at risk for work injuries, you likely need Pain Talks. Every company would benefit from injury prevention, whether large or small, high-risk or low-risk. Injuries will happen unless you prevent them. Pain will happen unless you learn how to prevent it. And it is easier and more cost-effective to invest in prevention than to pay for worker’s comp claims.

Liz would love to speak with you about how to help you achieve your safety goals! Together, we can stop workplace injuries before they start!

How It Works

  1. Set up a phone or in-person meeting with Liz Navarrete.
  2. Develop your injury prevention budget.
  3. Decide which services you need.
  4. Receive and review your customized proposal.
  5. Schedule and begin your injury prevention services!

What People Say

“Mrs. Navarrete did a fabulous job. Very knowledgeable and was able to maintain focus on the activity and schedule. I was impressed with her ability to coach adults on the proper way to live their lives, not a sales pitch but a life lesson. Well done.”

Steve F.

“Thanks so much for the great instructional class you presented and demonstrated yesterday. The class was really helpful in showing my employees the proper methods and performing helpful demonstration of how to pick up our heavy and odd shaped products. The stretch demonstration was really helpful and I noticed my guys practicing them this morning before starting their day.”

Steve N.

“Due to the relevance of the session’s topic, this voluntary training session managed to get a large attendance from our staff. Investing in employees makes working for the employer more appealing and helps with retention.
Having Liz’s training seminar may be a small and inexpensive investment. The benefits, however, will last for many years. I strongly recommend this type of training for any company.”

Raul C.

Let’s prevent together.

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