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“You did an excellent job bringing the group together and getting us involved in your class. I can certainly attest to your Injury Prevention Training conducted at CAGC’s HR & Safety Conference this year.” -Jeff H.

“Mrs. Navarrete did a fabulous job. Very knowledgeable and was able to maintain focus on the activity and schedule. I was impressed with her ability to coach adults on the proper way to live their lives, not a sales pitch but a life lesson. Well done.” -Steve F.

“You are a fantastic presenter. Very good information and great job keeping everyone engaged.”

“Really enjoyed the session. I learned a lot and the speaker was very enthusiastic!!”

“The session with Liz was interactive and fun. Very knowledgeable and easy to understand. Innovative with new ideas on how to help simple injury issues.”

“Great presentation. Summarized all that is ineffective with current treatment and gives a common sense approach to injury prevention and treatment.”

“Great presentation, very knowledgeable about the material. Very energetic and engaging. Kept the class interactive.”

“Liz was very good at getting the point across. Informative to carry back to my company-helping to be proactive. Enjoyed your presentation! Thank you.”

“Very informative training session with lots of interactive activities. Great at answering questions and explaining why something doesn’t work.” -Donny E.

“Love the exercises because they stick with people–something they can take away when they leave. Loved “think of the person whose life has been changed as a result of the injury.” Showing care can go a long way.”

“Great job including everyone in the program. Good information with plenty to think about and to consider sharing at the office.”

“Great class! Good information on proper posture and how it relates to our work. Enjoyed learning about good stretches versus bad stretches.” -John S

“Liz did an outstanding job demonstrating injury prevention techniques. Program was interactive, and exercises make the real difference when preventing injuries.” -Jeff H.

“Liz was very knowledgeable about the subject and her presentation was interactive and kept the audience engaged. Very informative and worthwhile.”

“Great class. Learned new things and the things I currently do-you showed that I am on the right track.”

“You did a great job. Excellent presentation. Learned a lot about back pain. I will show these exercises to my family member with back problems.”

“Overall the class/lesson was very effective. It was great to have an interactive lesson. Thanks. “

“Very educational presenter and material. Interactive.”

“Thanks so much for the great instructional class you presented and demonstrated yesterday. The class was really helpful in showing my employees the proper methods and performing helpful demonstration of how to pick up our heavy and odd shaped products. The stretch demonstration was really helpful and I noticed my guys practicing them this morning before starting their day. I will also be recommending this class to other colleagues in hopes to share all of your helpful demonstrations and information. Thanks again for your help.” -Steve N.

“Excellent information! Enjoyed the “active” presentation. Would love to do some of this training for my guys at my manufacturing facility.” -Michelle S.

“Loved the stretches! Your Prevention training sheet is great and to the point.”

“Excellent way you demonstrated the subject by having audience perform and practical and down-to-earth explanations. Thanks Liz.”

“Great information regarding flex or slouch. Good to include movement with training.”

“I liked the interaction and doing the exercises.”

“Enjoyed the presentation! Provided great examples of exercises to add to workplace stretch & flex programs in addition to personal wellness. Thank you!”

“Neck and back pain are common in our office. Having Liz educate us on proper posture was very beneficial to our office. It has now been a couple of weeks since we had our training and our staff is still getting on to each other about their posture. Her class was enjoyable and educational. Thanks Liz!”

“The session was very informative and instructor demonstrated stretches very good. I enjoyed the class. I learned the proper way to stretch my back.”

“I liked that you asked where we hurt and then showed us what to do. Great at answering questions.”

“Good presentation! My back feels better from just the demonstration.”

“Nice, laid back approach to positive information.”

“Excellent! Clear, straight forward, sweet.”

“Very informative, well paced and interactive. Very practical.”

‘Thanks, Liz. Lots of great info. We all need more of this training.”

“Great info. Easy to do corrective exercises. Thanks.”

“Liz, you’re very pleasant! For years the military taught me to stretch forward as much as backward. Now I know better. Thanks!” -L.

“I enjoyed learning simple techniques that can help me improve my posture overall. Thank you!” -DB.

“I enjoyed your class. I learned proper ways to stretch. Thank you!!” -R.

“I enjoyed the back extensions-in particular-felt really good! Thanks.”

“Thanks for informing me on ways to reduce my back and neck pain. You rock!”

“Just a note to thank you for your presentation. It was a great reminder to me to take care of my back. I’m putting your tips to good use. My spine is neutral this morning.” -BB

“Very warm and friendly personality. You care deeply and are passionate about your trade and truly strive to see improvement in your patients.”

“I like knowing what my neutral position should be.”

“Thanks. This will help with my lower back pain.”

“I feel like Liz helped me find a resolution to my achy neck/shoulders. Thank you!” -RH

“Thanks for all the hands on work, showing us how to sit, lift, etc. You did an awesome job!”

“Very informative. Issues we all have that rarely get talked about.”

“Thank you for the very entertaining and educational presentation you gave our senior adult group called BALL (Be Active Live Longer). Everyone in our group appreciated your professionalism as a physical therapist, given with a kind and personal approach. It was great that you involved our group in your activities. Many times, our programs are just sit-and-listen events. I would recommend your presentation and delivery to anyone!” -Rick McCollum

“Great reminder on neutral position.”

“Very good presentation. Just do what you did in this session in future sessions. Enjoyed the meeting.”

“Thanks for the advice on neutral spine.”

“I really enjoyed this class. In a short period of time I have learned how to sit correctly in order to alleviate back pain. She was very thorough and made the class fun.”

“I went to Liz’s class about health and wellness for moms. That was a very helpful class. She talked about how to avoid back pain. The way she talked and showed was very easy to learn and very useful for moms, such as how to do exercise when you do laundry, cleaning, washing dishes, daily walking, how to sit and do exercise in the right ways. Liz is a very reliable and funny teacher who was really prepared, and her class management was commendable. Her class was well accepted by the other moms.” -Royce Tan Wise

“I am a soccer player and I have been playing soccer all my life. When I was about 33 my knees started hurting , I was wearing braces to deal with the pain but it was getting worse. I was thinking about visiting an orthopedist when I was lucky enough to meet Liz Navarrete. Through physical therapy, she helped me strengthen muscles that helped me alleviate my pain until it finally went away almost completely. Now I am 41 , still playing , no braces , no surgeries!!” -Carlos Torres

“Many years ago, I was experiencing frequent lower back pain.  The pain would shoot down my leg all the way to my calf.  It became more and more frequent and would last for several days to where I had to limp around.  I had visited a chiropractor several times and when that didn’t seem to help the problem, I pretty much just took Tylenol all the time to help with the pain, which was something I did not like to do.  One day I was describing this problem to my friend Liz. I knew she was a physical therapist and figured she would at least be able to know what the problem might be.  She told me that it was probably sciatica pain.  She said that she knew several exercises that would help relieve the pain.  A few days later, I received in the mail from Liz a letter with outlines of three or four simple exercises for sciatica issues.  She had written them out and diagrammed exactly how to do them for a lay person to understand.   The next time I had a flare up of the pain I immediately pulled out her instructions and I felt immediate relief after doing these stretches and exercises! That was probably 10 years ago now.  To this day, I still keep Liz’s letter and instructions handy when I need them (although I have mostly committed them to memory by now!)  Whenever I have flare up I can do these exercises and the pain pretty much goes away quickly.  It has been a game changer for me from the days when I used to struggle for 3-4 days with the pain consistently.  Now the pain goes away in a few minutes after doing these exercises and I no longer have to take pain killers to help with the pain either! I am forever grateful to Liz for taking the time to help me out and pass along her knowledge. She was able to help me tremendously live without chronic pain and I’m sure she has and will do the same for countless others!” -Nathan Hadley

“Liz has been a tremendously helpful resource to me recently. She listened carefully to my description of back spasms and how I was treating myself unsuccessfully for three weeks. Within three days of following her advice I was a new man. I would recommend her to anyone who is in need of a caring and knowledgeable Physical Therapist. My only regret is that I didn’t call her three weeks earlier.” -Vandy Hobbs, Columbia SC

“Liz is knowledgeable, experienced and easy to connect with. I felt like I was transported right into a therapy session!” -Stephanie Kersey

“As a mom it’s sometimes hard to keep my back in mind. Liz provided helpful and easy ways to treat my back kindly. She showed me how to correctly pick things up and do normal household activities that would not strain by back. She was very informative, friendly, and I had fun learning the easy ways of keeping my back in shape.” -Jana Inabinet

“Liz is a superb physical therapist. Not only is she fantastic at her job, she is friendly and makes the session enjoyable and pass by quickly. It only took a few sessions with Liz before I started to see improvements in my hip function and a major decrease in pain.”

“I had been experiencing pain and loss of range of motion in my shoulder for several weeks. I visited my physician who diagnosed it as an inflamed rotator cuff. He gave me anti-inflammatory medication and a set of exercises for the condition.  A short time later, I shared with my friend Liz about my continued discomfort, despite following orders.  Liz offered offered to meet with me to assess how I was progressing. She took time to ask questions, watch my movements and assess my pain level in different positions.  She agreed with the diagnosis, but offered a different set of exercises and a recommendation for an orthotic pillow for my work chair.  The exercises seemed so simple, but after just a few days I could already see improvement.  With commitment to the exercise and use of the pillow, I was completely rehabilitated within a few weeks. I have full range of motion in the shoulder now, but sometimes continue the exercises just for relaxation and tension relief.  I appreciated Liz’s willingness to assist with my problem and I value her judgement and expertise.  She prayed for me too, which is a beautiful bonus!” -Lisa Hobbs

“I learned easy stretches that can be done anywhere! Everything was great!”

“Good presentation. Thanks for the exercises. Good points & examples.” -Robert W.

“I loved the stretches. They felt really, really good.”

“Enjoyed the hands on exercises.”

“Loved Jelly Donuts example! Great job.”

“Enjoyed the interactive presentation. Relevant topic and timely.”

“Including stretches within presentation was excellent.”

“My back feels better at the end of the session.”

“It was a good class. I learned how to work on my back so I will not have back pain in the future.”

“I thought this was great for back and spine health. Thumbs up!!”

“Very informational to prevent back injury. Thanks.”

“I liked learning how to protect my back.”

“I suffer from a bulging disc in my lower back. Your demonstration was awesome.”

“Liz Navarrete did an awesome job explaining and demonstrating the soft tissue injuries and pain management.” -Jerry C.

“Great information. Interesting Presentation. Well done. Will definitely recommend your services.”

“Thanks for the great info on work place safety.”

“Great job! Fun & interesting! Thanks for the info.”

“Lots of info to absorb. Handout was great.”

“Very well spoken and presented lots of information.”

“Thank you for sharing with us today! I will keep in mind PT first! Thanks again.”

“I learned there are preventive ways to avoid injuries.”

“You can be a resource for my client companies.”

“Good presentation! Stayed on track despite the interruptions.”

Let’s prevent together.

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