Weight Loss Struggles

As you get on board the weight loss train, give yourself a break sometimes. It is not easy to stick to a healthy diet and exercise routine! I am not overweight, but I struggle with snacking, as I suspect most of you do also. When I am home and the kids are asleep, it is so easy to find something to munch on even though I truly have no reason to eat. I’m not hungry, and it’s not time for my mid-afternoon snack; I just feel like going to the pantry and finding something sweet to snack on. Chips don’t tempt me at all. I could have 3 bags of potato chips in my pantry for years and I would not open them. But put some Oreos or Snickers in my pantry, and they will disappear in hours or days. Or put turtle tracks ice cream in my freezer, and it will be gone by midnight.

All this is to say that everyone struggles with healthy choices. Exercise is something I love, so it is not hard for me to go to the gym. Actually, it’s harder for me to stay home instead of working out (I’m a little hyperactive). But maybe exercising is the part of your diet that you have struggled to maintain. Or maybe you struggle with an active lifestyle because all your hobbies involve sitting. You sit at work and you love movies and video games. Whatever your problem area is, you can overcome it! You might need a friend to help or a support group. But don’t keep your feelings inside. Probably there are people all around you that struggle with the same thing. See if you can find someone who has the same difficulty so that you can help each other.

Some things are struggles in the mind; you want to eat but your mind says not to. Often, food wins because you do not even go to battle with it. You are not willing to fight against your cravings; you simply give in to them as soon as they appear. Next time you are tempted to eat when/what you shouldn’t, see how long you can fight. If it is 1 minute, that is better than yesterday. If it is 5 minutes, it is better than ever before. And if you go all day without it, you have learned the secret of self-control.

What is your biggest weight loss struggle? Post in comments below!

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I am a Physical Therapist and Ergonomics Consultant, based out of Columbia, SC. My passion is to write about and speak about pain/injury prevention. I started Pain Talks as a consulting business in 2018.

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  1. Feeling like if I make a mistake at one point during the day, the \”whole day is ruined\” so I may as well pig out and start over tomorrow. I know that's so wrong and I can use Scripture as a reference, too! We don't measure our sins by the day, we measure them choice by choice. One bad choice doesn't free pass me to have a day full of bad choices. I have to apply it to my food intake, too!


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  3. My problem is if I let go and give in to a craving every once in awhile, I give in HUGE and gain 2 pounds in a weekend, and all that hard work I did to lose that 2 pounds before just went away. KWIM? That's when I get very depressed and usually give up on my weight struggles.


  4. That is understandable. If you allow yourself to splurge 1x per week with a serving of your dessert of choice, that should help. Or if you are really craving something sweet, find something healthy that satisfies it. I try to not keep the tempting foods nearby.


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