Healthy Recipe: Grilled Chicken With Guac & Salsa

Healthy Recipe:  Grilled Chicken With Guacamole and Salsa

First, season and grill your chicken breasts. Set aside.
Chop up green pepper and tomato. Add fresh lime juice, salt, pepper and cilantro. Set aside.
Mash avocado and mix with fat free sour cream and seasoning of choice.
Slice the chicken breast. Cover with guacamole. Then top with fresh salsa.

If you are trying to cook healthy foods, you may get tired of grilled chicken. This is an easy way to add nutrients and flavor to your plain chicken breast, and it beats the usual side garden salad. For your convenience, this meal is easily prepared in ~20 minutes! I made it last night for supper, and it looked/tasted so good, I had to post it!

To make yellow rice, I add a little Turmeric powder and chopped, fresh or frozen vegetables. For seasoning, I like to use a little salt and garlic powder.

For juicier chicken breast, I grilled it with a little Worcestershire sauce.

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