Great-Tasting Salad from Zaxby’s

Yesterday I went to Zaxby’s for lunch, hoping to find something both healthy and flavorful. Typically salads can get boring if you eat them often, and some really do not taste that great (even health nuts will admit it). I saw a new “zalad” on the menu, so I ordered it even though I had no idea what was on it. Some fast food restaurants do not have good descriptions of their food on the drive-through menu, which makes it hard to make a healthy choice! But I ordered the Roadhouse Salad, hoping it would have some new and different ingredients, and I was happy with the result!

The Roadhouse Salad has your typical healthy ingredients plus a few surprises, such as black beans, corn, and some crunchy potato sticks. The Roadhouse salad dressing has a southwest flavor that is not spicy. It also has some shredded cheese, which is a must for a good-tasting salad (even though it adds a few calories). It is served with grilled chicken (you will not be asked if you want it grilled or fried), which is well-seasoned. And, of course, you get a slice of heavily-buttered Texas Toast.

It may not be the healthiest salad out there, but it will satisfy your hunger, and it has some various flavors that make it stand out from your usual Grilled Caesar Salad. Zaxby’s is one fast-food chain where you can always find a decent-tasting salad. 

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