Top 10 Reasons To Eat More Fruit

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10. Fruit is easy to take to-go. Whether it is an apple, banana, or smoothie, you can easily take fruit with you for a healthy snack or small meal. For women, it can fit into your purse. Men can fit it into your jacket pocket. It is the ideal mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. Or it can serve as your dessert after lunch. So the next time you are headed out for the day, be sure to take a piece of fruit with you! That will get you one serving closer to your daily recommended 5!

9. Fruit is a cost-effective snack. Healthy food can be expensive in general, but a piece of fruit is cheaper than a bag of chips from the vending machine. If you buy fruit that is in season, it is very reasonably priced! A 3-lb bag of apples costs about the same as a large bag of potato chips. Several times recently I have found pears for $1.50 per pound and strawberries for $2 per pound (at Publix, my grocer of choice for fresh produce). And, of course, bananas are always the cheapest and are rarely sold for more than 75 cents per pound. So on your next trip grocery trip, spend your snack bucks in the fresh produce section! Or consider dried fruits as another good alternative to chips, cookies or candy bars.

8. Fruit is perfect for dipping. There is no better snack than a fruit tray with dip, whether chocolate, caramel,  or cream cheese. This makes it ideal for parties or served with any meal. If you have surprise guests and you don’t have dessert in the house, just cut up some fresh fruit and plate it with some yogurt as a dip. It is ideal for kids of all ages. Young children especially love fruit and dipping their foods, so teach them proper eating habits at that age. I continue to practice the good eating habits that my mom passed on when I was young!

7. Fruit can satisfy your sweet tooth. If you are like me, you might look for something cool and sweet at night to satisfy a craving. So why not munch on strawberries or grapes instead of chocolate, cookies or ice cream? Save the calories and boost your health while still enjoying something sweet and delicious. Try replacing your candy jar with a bowl of fresh berries on your kitchen counter. There is no guilt in grabbing a couple of grapes every time you pass by.

6. Fruit is the perfect complement to a warm, sunny day. What is a July 4th cookout without watermelon? When your kids come in from playing outside, serve them grapes or orange slices. After doing yardwork or jogging outdoors, munch on some cherries. Pack an apple in your picnic lunch basket. Fruit is cool and refreshing because it is full of water, which will help to keep you hydrated. A fresh fruit smoothie is a perfect alternative to a high-calorie milkshake.

5. Fruit helps to prevent future disease. Blueberries can help to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease. Healthy eating can prevent heart disease and stroke. Good eating habits should begin at a young age and continue throughout your lifetime in order to maximize your health and minimize future medical issues.

4. Fruit helps you to lose weight. It is a low-calorie food, so it is the perfect snack for those who are dieting. If you want to lose weight, try replacing all sweet snacks with fruits. If you are really rushed for time in the mornings, cut up your fruit the night before and pack it in a tupperware to eat with breakfast or as a snack. If you do not have 1-2 servings for breakfast and lunch, it will be nearly impossible to consume your recommended 5 per day.

3. Fruit is full of vitamins and minerals. It is one of the best ways to increase your vitamin intake without taking a vitamin supplement. And the best way to benefit from vitamins is naturally, from your foods. Whether you need to boost your immunity, eyesight, bone/joint health, heart or mind, fruit will give you the vitamins needed for your body to function optimally.

2. Fruit is full of fiber and water, which maintains a healthy digestive system. While 100% juice has vitamins, fresh fruit is healthier because you eat all of the good parts of the fruit, especially the fiber/pulp and skin. Without sufficient fiber in your diet, you will continually look for products to improve your regularity. So do it the natural way with plenty of fresh fruit!

1. Fruit helps to fight cancer in your present and future. It is stocked full of antioxidants, which fight free radicals that enter your body through the environment and bad foods/chemicals. There are many anticarcinogenic foods, but none ranks higher than fruit. So if you want to have a healthier future, start by eating healthy now. 20 or 30 years from now may be too late to prevent cancer in your body.

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