Why All Women Should Take A Self-Defense Class

For your own safety, I strongly urge you to sign up for a self-defense class immediately. There is nothing more important for women to know than how to defend themselves against rapists. I recently took my first self-defense class, and I highly recommend that all women do the same. Your only protection against attack is having some strategies that you are prepared to use at any time. Here are some things that surprised me from my class.

Is pepper spray effective?
While it can be effective, it is rarely used because most women keep it in their purse or on their keychain and do not have it ready to fire. Also, while spraying, some of it can get into your own eyes, making it difficult for you to run away. Since the class, I now carry my mace in hand with my finger on the trigger whenever I am alone outside.
Is it effective to put a key from your keychain between your fingers for a self-defense strategy?
Likely the key will fall back into your palm if you attempted to punch someone. It is more effective to hold a key between your thumb and 3rd finger, with the point of the key next to your index finger. That way you could use it to slash your attacker.

Which way should you run if someone is aiming a gun at you?
Run to the shooter’s right. He will have a harder time tracking/hitting you than if you ran to his left. Run in a zigzag pattern, with zigzags every ~2 seconds.

What should you do if a “thief” asks for your wallet?
Throw it far, then run away. Remember that he may be more interested in raping, kidnapping or killing you than taking your money.

Should you run, fight, or do what he tells you if an attacker threatens you with a gun or weapon?
Run if you can. If you can’t run, fight. Do not believe anything he says. Bad guys can’t be trusted to tell the truth. Don’t believe him if he says he only wants to rape you. Don’t believe him if he says he only wants your money. His intentions are all bad, and he will lie to you. You have a better chance of survival if you run than if you do what he says. 50% of the time, he will not even shoot. If he shoots you, there is a high percentage that it will not be fatal. If his intention were to kill you with his weapon, he would have already done so. He wants to use his weapon to exercise control, power and manipulation.

Do attackers select targets based on clothing or looks?
No. They care more about who is an easy target. They look for someone who is weak, slow, distracted, busy, on the phone, unaware, etc. Do not be the easiest target in the parking lot. Plan ahead where you go, where you park, whom you are with. Walk quickly and with upright posture so you look like someone assertive who would fight back or would not go down easily. Know who and what is around you at all times. Never assume that you are safe. I know someone who was attacked in Columbiana mall at mid-morning near one of the restrooms. She fought back, so eventually he ran away.

In order to learn specific fighting techniques and moves, you must take a self-defense class. I highly recommend the class I took from Sensei Chris Feldt; it was truly life-changing. He offers similar classes monthly, or find a convenient self-defense class near you. Taking the class from a Karate instructor was ideal!

Sensei Chris Feldt. Self-defense class offered at Samurai Karate Studio (located in Northeast Columbia).

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I am a Physical Therapist and Ergonomics Consultant, based out of Columbia, SC. My passion is to write about and speak about pain/injury prevention. I started Pain Talks as a consulting business in 2018.

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