Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease

If you have young children, you may fear “Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease,” so here are some facts about the virus:

1. A child only gets it once in his/her lifetime.
2. It is more common in the summertime.
3. It can look like chicken pox, with small, red bumps not only on the hands and feet but also on the arms and legs. They can become open sores and secrete clear fluid.
4. It is highly contagious and is most common among young children and babies.
5. It can be present with no bumps or sores on the hands/feet.
6. It causes sores in the mouth that are terribly painful and limit the child’s desire to eat/drink. The sores can cause excessive drooling.
7. The first symptom is often a fever of 100 to 103 degrees, which lasts for a few days.
8. The disease usually lasts 7-10 days or less.
9. Prescription medication is typically not needed.
10. Treatment is Tylenol and/or Motrin for pain/fever, drinking fluids for hydration, rest, and frequent hand washing.
11. I would recommend you keep the child in long pants, socks, and long-sleeved shirts. For prevention, do the same for your other children.

Additional info on Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease:

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