Losing Weight By Eating More

If you are overweight but you do not eat very often, that may be part of your weight problem. Here are some helpful tips to help you eat more and still lose weight.

1. Do not skip breakfast. Eat a healthy breakfast very soon after waking up. Some ideas are 1 serving of whole grain cereal with 1/2 cup of skim milk, 1 slice of whole wheat toast with peanut butter and 1 cup of skim milk, 1 granola bar with 1 banana, or cottage cheese with peaches.
2. Do not go all day without eating. Likely you will overeat in the evening, which is the worst time to do so.
3. Eat something small every 2-3 hours, such as a piece of fruit, a serving of nuts, yogurt, etc.
4. If you eat little volume of food, be sure whatever you do eat is healthy. You need 5 servings of fruits/vegetables every day. Protein and dairy are also important.
5. If you are going to eat more volume of food and still lose weight, you must minimize sweets, junk food and fast food.
6. If you already eat well and still need to lose weight, you must exercise more. Your minimum should be 45 minutes per day, 6-7x/week. The more you exercise daily, the more you will lose (weight, inches and clothing sizes).
7. Change your daily routine to eat breakfast early and to exercise in the morning. You will lose more weight if you wake up early and go to bed early. For example, eat breakfast at 7 am instead of 10 am, and eat supper at 6 pm instead of 9 pm.

Published by lizbnavarr@gmail.com

I am a Physical Therapist and Ergonomics Consultant, based out of Columbia, SC. My passion is to write about and speak about pain/injury prevention. I started Pain Talks as a consulting business in 2018.

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