1. Do not use diet pills.
2. Do not injure yourself by exercising too hard, too fast. An injury will limit your ability to exercise, so do not risk it.
3. Do not starve yourself.
4. Do not eat so little that you are hungry all the time.
5. Find ways to not only burn calories but to boost your metabolism. (See next paragraph)
6. Do not stay on a short-term diet for long. It may help to jump start your weight loss, but you quickly need to transition to a lifestyle of healthy eating that you can stick to!
7. Buy the right shoes for the exercise you will be starting.
8. Be sure to drink enough water before, during, and/or after your workouts.
9. Always warm up and cool down with your workouts.
10. My favorite: drink more water and less of everything else.

Here are some ways to boost your metabolism:
1. Wake up early and eat breakfast early.
2. Exercise early in the day. Exercise multiple times in the day.
3. Do weight training in addition to cardio.
4. Move around a lot! Start having a more active lifestyle. Think of ways to add activity into your routine.
5. Eat small amounts throughout the day (4-6 small meals instead of 3 large ones).

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I am a Physical Therapist and Ergonomics Consultant, based out of Columbia, SC. My passion is to write about and speak about pain/injury prevention. I started Pain Talks as a consulting business in 2018.

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